Problem: Loss, Love Pack


Theme: "romance deck"

The cards are SO awesome. Yesterday I draw a lot of cards telling me to Let Go - and I did (as a mental decision, not so much in physical action) - now I get a Love deck, and the card:

Problem: Loss (...!)
"Loss means that something that we have valued is taken from us and, as a result, there is sadness, mourning, and fear"
"Loss represents lost bonding"
"If we hold on to what was lost, by not mourning or not letting it go, we begin to move away from life, and can become withdrawn and depressed. In truth there are only two directions: one is towards death. If we do not let go of our Loss, we begin to move in a death direction, and the area in which the Loss occurred does not progress until we release it."
"The relinquishing of all attachment may allow our relationship to return at a higher level, or it may permit someone much better suited to come into our life."
Advice. "You must let go of your attachment to whatever has been lost. This will put things in perspective, complete the mourning (at least at this level), allow a birth at a new level, and remove the fear and guilt that occurs with any loss. It will move you forward in the flow of life again."