Queen of Cups + Strength, Fire + Celestial


Themes: "inner fire" + "written in the stars"

Fire Tarot: Queen of Chalices
"a woman draws the sign corresponding to the "Ken" rune: torch-healing."
"The Queen is a dreamer seeking a way of expressing herself through art"
Came up in reverse, and I get a feeling that I should not try to focus that much on expressing myself and searching the lime-light, but instead focus on others. So I chose to draw another card and got:
Celestial Tarot: Strength - Leo, the Lion-hearted Heroine
""King of the beasts" is a common epithet for the lion, the zodiacal totem representing Leo. Traditionally Strength depicts a young woman taming a lion, contrasting the brute force of the lion's body with the purity of the viriginal spirit - the combination of Leo and Virgo. Atalanta, the huntress and personification of feminine strength, represents the viriginal taming of the fierce lion in Greek myth."
"From a psychological perspective this suggests willpower can channel the instincts in service of the self. On a divinatory level this card implies the individual is experiencing an initiation into their own strength by finding the will and courage to accept difficult and dark feelings."