Queen of Cups, Voyager Tarot


Theme: "The journey is the destination - Onwards!"

I feel that I have "so little time for myself". There is so much I should do (train my horses, study, take care of my garden, my buildings...) - or isn't there?
Which are my most important responsibilities? Which are my goals?
To focus on the journey. To become the best possible version of myself.
The journey.
The Now.

Deck: Voyager Tarot
Card: Queen of Cups (R) - Rejoicer
I'm not the best at rejoicing. My head wants to prioritize things different. My head have a totally different outlook on responsibilities than my soul.
"Let the beauty of life fill your heart."
"You are deeply moved by life's surges and tides, oceanic in the depth of your feelings and spontaneous yet judicious in their expression. Show your gratitude to life through the celebration of love, reverence and bliss."