Queen of Pentacles, Bones Tarot


Theme: "focus on the hard facts" 

Deck: The Tarot of Bones
Card: Queen of Pentacles (R)
"An opossum skull, accompanied by a vertebra, sits in the center of a border of moss and birch cones."
"This is not the perfectly coiffed trophy wife living in a mini-mansion on the outskirts of town. The queen of Pentacles is more the single mother working two three jobs to make ends meet"
"her brood is always well cared for. She is the backbone of the household - literally, in fact, as possums will carry their many young on their backs until they're big enough yo wander on their own."
"she needs a way to keep her young in line while also bringing home the metaphorical bacon."
Reversed - what comes to me:
The universe wants you to know: you may feel somewhat worn out from rodding all you do, with a smile on your face, but still feel than you don't do enough, and/or 'get little for it' - but know you're doing a great job, and will be able to harvest fruits of it later on (in form of inner harmony, if nothing else)! Now, lean back and breathe. Now it's time to take a break, and take some You-time (whatever that means to you!), and let others take care of themselves for a little while!