Queen of Pentacles, Light Grey Tarot


Theme: "nothing is black or white" and "in service of the collective/greater good"

Light Grey Tarot.
Card: Queen of Pentacles (R)

"Highly changeable, suspicious, superfluity."
"Unable to see beyond material possessions; takes care of others and neglecting oneself" - my ego is suspicious of my current actions, and thinks the latter. But I've got news for it: nothing is black or white! The 'results' are in the future, and (probably) indirectly for myself - as hinted at yesterday. Which went something like: by trying to experience the world as another or see/(try to) feel it from their perspective, you can learn something new about yourself). Hence it's not about neglecting myself, no matter how it looks from the outside. I'm taking care to reach a greater understanding, "for the greater good" of all (parties involved). Being changeable isn't necessarily a bad thing.


"Financial independence, self-care, work-home conflict" (biddy) If you take care of others, with the objective to learn more about yourself, it isn't neglecting yourself - it's actually self-care..! What (to the ego/head) feels like a work-home conflict is now maybe nothing more than the head disapproving with intuitive choices.
"When the Queen of Pentacles is upright, you are focused on nurturing and providing for others; when reversed, you are turning that caring energy to yourself (!)" (biddy) I just don't know (feel) it yet..!
"You may still be in a partnership or family, but you are keen to ensure that you can sustain your own lifestyle, now and in the future, by yourself. You may have a separate savings account or a long-term investment plan to ensure that you can take care of yourself if need be." (biddy) Yes, indeedio!
"...can point to an inner conflict when it comes to balancing work and personal priorities. Despite trying to make it work, you may consistently feel that you're not giving enough of your attention to either your work or home life. Sometimes, you just cannot do everything, and you will need to make some choices about where your priorities truly lie." (biddy) And my ego isn't overjoyed by some of my decisions right now.