Queen of Pentacles, Tarot of Eden


Theme: "before the fall"

Deck: The Tarot of Eden
Card: Queen of Pentacles (R)
"The QoP announces the arrival of a woman of considerable means, living in luxury or being a member of the jet-set. She brings with her a sense of harmony, wealth and easiness in social life. This queen symbolises an ambitious, clever and at times egoistic or all too materialistic woman"

Signed up for the Biddy Tarot Certification Program..!
This queen might just represent 'Biddy'?! This lovely inspiring woman, with considerable means (I guess), but with a little bit of that "materialistic energy" I have to look beyond! There's some "annoying intensive selling" merged in her otherwise and generally inspiring material. And those "I KNOW this will..." this, and that. But I really resonate with her mission and core message, of wanting to make Tarot more mainstream and guide people to use Tarot for empowerment, by clarifying your connection with the universe and trusting your own intuition and the universe - that's my Eden too! 

I feel really excited, but at the same time relaxed, by having signed up for this program that I found (together with Biddy) about 6 months ago, when the doors to this weren't opened yet.