Queen of Pent's + Six of Pent's, Crystal + Mystic Mondays


Themes: "something is crystallising" + "Good vibes!"

Crystal Tarot: Queen of Pentacles - Heiress
"She who willingly accepts her destiny"
Which is...
Mystic Mondays Tarot: Six of Pentacles (R)
Happily (spreading "good vibes") giving more than I receive?!
Accepting heavily delayed repayment of debt, is a very current reality.
"Greed, Taken Advantage Of, Debt"
"Be wary of being taken advantage of with your finances. You may be a giving person in nature, however, not everyone will return the favor" True that! Not the way I 'want' at least.
"Greed is surrounding you, and those involved only care about their own gain." And I don't want to take part in that game. I give anyway.
"This could also pertain to a relationship where you're constantly giving and the other person is constantly taking ... creating an imbalance in your partnership"
"You can't give to others what you do not have." I'm learning a lot about giving understanding, compassion and unconditional love - which is what the soul consists of, and therefore there's no end to it. Also, giving because I want to give - not giving to get something back. My current situation is excellent for this kind of practice - which is a part o my destiny. Apparently - as this is how it IS! And it's becoming more and more clear.