Queen of Swords, Rosetta Tarot


Theme: "deciphering key"

So, yesterday I got "complex beyond comprehension" after my "enforced sacrifice" ("confrontation/conversation"), and today I get the "deciphering key", showing a woman with a mans shopped head..! Shopped by the sword - words - with right (conscious) hand?
Highly interesting to say the least!
And I have just minded my own business since - enjoying my life, and what I have, and helping others.
And I've received a lot of "happiness cards" in between this.

Deck: Rosetta Tarot (app)
Card: Queen of Swords
A little bit doubt inducing to see her "among the clouds", but the text is "comforting/supporting" - and card not reversed.
"The Queen of Swords is mighty, beautiful and a terrifying sight to behold. Seated on a thrown of billowing cumulous clouds, she is dressed in a transparent shift. Her right hand bears a drawn sword and in her left hand she displays the newly severed head of a bearded man(!) as a trophy."
"The bearded head she carries looks a bit like Neptune in deference to her Water of Air status. She has liberated the mind, by cutting away deceptive masks and releasing herself from bondage to ideas and subservice to man. It can be said that the act is symbolic of castration; however it is a castration of the upper masculinity rather than the lower: she silences him rather than refusing him. The sword cuts away illusion, and the head represents old and dated ways of thinking."
"As a person, this Queen is a mature woman of keenly intense perception, proud, confident, graceful, accurate and independent."
"When she appears it is a time to cut away the masks that cloud our perception in order to free ourselves from our dependence. Clear sight, logic and resourcefulness prevail."