Queen of Swords, Shadowscape Tarot


Theme: the theme this deck represents for me is inexplicable/personal

Card: Queen of Swords:
"She is honesty and inner knowledge, sending forth her winged seekers into the world."
Yes, I feel I have my seekers are all over the place, gathering information for me! 
"She is valued for her accurate perceptions of the world around her and for her experiences"

"Yeah, RIGHT!? How badly I wish THAT was true!!!" best regards, Frightened Part of Personality

"I due time, my dear! In due time!

The core issue here is that you have to value (them) yourself! That is, find out why you don't - and instead search for affirmation and appreciation outside yourself!
Send your searchers inside too!
You can't control what others do or don't appreciate! Neither is it recommended to adjust yourself to what others choose to appreciate about you, nor to search for persons that appreciates the same things as you - you will attract those individuals once you truly appreciate and find peace within yourself! 
You'll figure it out, once you start to really put your trust in the universe, move past the limitations constructed by the mind, and become friends with pure consciousness!
You know it - trust it!
Which thoughts and feelings are yours, and which are others' that you still habitually use, give shelter, recycle and are afraid to let go of?
Why do you feel so afraid, and what for?
How does it feel, where, when?
Embrace it!
It's YOU!
With love and compassion,
Your Soul

"To discover who you really are, you must go beyond who you think you are. To find peace, you must go beyond fear. To experience unconditional love, you must go beyond conditional love, the kind that comes and goes."
(Deepak Chopra, Metahuman)

"When a child is born, immediately it's given a name and given a gender or told what its gender is, the religion and the nation. And then all of schooling is about recycling information, knowledge and also the evolution of knowledge."

"This conditioning has led to constructs that help us navigate life, like longitude and latitude, money, Wall Street, Greenwich Mean Time and politics."

'what is reality prior to constructs?' 
'What is reality prior to our conditioning?' 

"We have to explore whatever we explore together with authenticity, with integrity, that we need a higher calling at this moment, all of us, if you want to create that critical mass for a more peaceful, sustainable and joyful world." 

"I think of myself as a doctor who is interested in the physical body, but also in all aspects of human experience-human emotions, human thinking, human experience, and, ultimately, in understanding ourselves beyond the conditioned mind." - Deepak Chopra (link)

"The cause of disease is often extremely complex, but one thing can be said for certain: no one has proved that getting sick is necessary."

"when people practice self-reflection or mindful awareness, or they have the experience of transcendence, you can actually see which genes get activated and which genes get deactivated. There's a mechanism to that. So you can actually activate the genes that cause self-regulation or homeostasis, and actually decrease the activity of the genes that cause inflammation. So what is healing? It is nothing but self-regulation or homeostasis. And what is disease is mostly linked to chronic inflammation. Only five per cent of disease-related gene mutations are fully penetrant, which means they guarantee the disease. That includes everything, from Alzheimer's to cancer to autoimmune disease.
Only five per cent is related to genetic determinism.
The rest is influenced by life style.

"I've never used medicine myself. I'm seventy-three years old, never been in the hospital, never had surgery. Can't even remember having a cold."