Queen of Swords, The Muse Tarot


Theme: "If it...ask why!" "Find the Life in every Stirring in You"

"Life Force - The state of a thing before slows down and becomes solid matter. The state of a thing when it is a potential. A possibility."
"Whenever it is rooted in love, she is there, and she helps us to harness our own creative energy and rein it in." (TheMuseTarot)

Card: Queen of Voices
Queen of Swords 2 times in two three days, see day before yesterday.
"A truth speaker, an honest and astute leader, wisdom, an ability to cut through the bullshit, clear vision and clear communication, wit, intelligence, good advice, strategic thinking"
"...she speaks with an intensity so very direct that it cuts right through to the heart of the matter. Her words, like those of an ancient soothsayer, are clever and rife with profound insight."
"She reminds you to be strategic and direct, to dispel clouded judgement, and to send tiny gusts of helping winds to those in need."