Queen of Wands + Four of Swords, Holy Light + Native American


Theme: "enlightenment/awakening" ("explicit spiritual growth") + spirit worlds

Holy Light Tarot: Queen of Wands
"...an organizational type whose gift it is to create teams and assign tasks. She sees to it that the collective project runs smoothly and that all phases are keeping up with each other."
"Like a cheerleader, this Queen has a special gift for keeping the work fun with her infectious energy. When upright, she is the best kind of supervisor to have -- much like a challenging but encouraging mother who knows you have it in you to do your best work under her direction."
"The Queen of Wands believes in her team, and all the members work hard to please her. She is, however, not the least bit sentimental. Like a seasoned farm wife, she views her crops, her animals, even her employees and family members as necessary tools for the achievement of the larger goal."
"Frankly, the Queen of Wands is not big on emotions or empathy -- she finds they get in her way."
But, reversed: "Her paramilitary attachment to her game plan and strategy can crush the life out of any spontaneity that sneaks into her viewfinder. She can be a bit ruthless, sometimes breathtakingly so. Even her friends and loved ones can be stunned by how quickly her mood can shift from generous and open minded to controlling, blaming and shaming. If she feels she is losing her grip on the direction events are moving, somebody is going to be punished, and it will happen right in public so the whole realm understand the consequences of displeasing the Queen. Do anything you can to avoid needing her sympathy -- in this Queen's universe; individuals who cannot carry their weight and contribute to the whole simply aren't fed."
Native American Tarot: Four of Swords - Mouse
"The symbol of foresight and the hoarding of strength"