Queen of Wands, Gendron Tarot


The Gendron Tarot is an Art Project.

From the Foreword to the Gendron Tarot Book:

"Tarot is now out of the closet of the occult and into the world as a respected vehicle for tapping human resources, while retaining its mystical interior world for spiritual investigation and insight"

"Connecting intuition and "hard" information, the Tarot integrates archetypal wisdom and technological know-how."

"The Gendron Tarot celebrates the universal nature of our individual voyage, providing methodologies to cultivate and nurture personal fulfilment."

From the Introduction:

"The creation of The Gendron Tarot was a spiritually expansive commission with hours of research, meditation, prayer, and ritual revealing meaning  and images. It evolved intuitively through immersion in metaphysical practice and study."

"The path to enlightenment is intensely personal with universal signposts along the way. Each of the seventy-eight cards in a traditional tarot deck carries wisdom through use of symbolic imagery. Contemplating the meaning held within a card and how it applies to one's life increases knowledge that encourages the transformation of ego-oriented self to universal True self."

Card: Queen of Wands
"Suit of Wands: Intent"
Queen: "Compassionate. Chaste. Generous. Loving. Magnetic Personality. Practical. Sincere. Wise."


It's hard to put words on how my intuitive logic responds to this combination (deck theme + card), but the Theme sort of correlates or summarise yesterday's writings. How life is a process, and to move forward in progress - not meaning merely physical results and manifestations - you have to "read/see the signs". 
To make progress in life is not about "putting your mind and will into it" - it's SO much more. It much more like an Art Project, when connected to 'something greater'.
To make true meaningful progress - contributing to the greater whole, and in line with the currents of evolution (and the demands for greater spiritual and conscious awareness) - it's not productive to merely set up plans, goals and 'make' them come true. 
It's about having an intent and releasing the path of fulfilment to the Universe - and not to the head!! Having the intent - and watching the signs. 

Sometimes the path to optimal fulfilment isn't the path that the eyes, head and Ego sees - because the eyes, Ego and head doesn't 'have the full picture'. Only God/The Creator/The Universe has. 
Sometimes the fastest path to optimal fulfilment (from a greater perspective) isn't the seemingly shortest way. Only The Universe has the whole picture, and it always guides us to the most optimal way (for 'collective progress') - through signs, feelings and events.
Delays are never delays, they are meaningful messages and events. Which can only be perceived as delays when view through the eyes of the Ego - when the Ego nurtures expectations and wishes that things and situations should be and behave in a different way, and it can't or won't accept the is:ness of the moment, and it refuses to open up to the teachings that the moment brings. 

Actions where the only intent is will (which amount to actions originating in Ego) is rather dead and mechanical actions.
The world is full of rather mechanical, cold, dead, soulless actions and things - originating in Ego wants and wishes.
For true progress and 'living results' the intent behind actions must come from the heart and soul. 
But not only that - the actual actions also have to be timed. 
That is, the intent for action must come out of the heart and soul, and the action itself must be executed at the right time and the right place, if it is to be and contribute to true meaningful progress. That is, not action when the head or Ego deem right - no matter how "well intended" - as that will also produce 'dead' results - not in sync with the Universe and the greater whole. 

Do things - no matter how right they are - at wrong time and/or place and it may take 3 times longer than it would if waiting for the right time and/or place. 
Or - it may not take that much longer, but it may feel a little bit hampered the whole time, and when done "a better way" shows it self - the way that should have been waited for! The way the Universe hinted about through the 'squeezy feelings'.

If it truly feels (more or less) wrong, it probably is - in some way.
If it gets delayed, it probably should - for some reason or not. Whether the reason is obvious or not to the Ego. "Not liking it" surely doesn't help!
"Not liking it" is merely 'missing the mark' - the original definition of 'Sin'.
"Not liking it" is merely 'not wanting to see/accept the/a bigger picture'.
"Not liking it" merely reveals inability to adjust to circumstances being as they are - and reveals being stuck in and controlled by the Ego - rather then in connection with and trust in The Universe and it's ingenious and all-inclusive guidance.


A rather uncomfortable place to be stuck in - both mentally and body-wise!
But re-connection will not 'come of itself' (as I was reminded of the other day).
Re-connection comes only through right intention and right action.
And I have a feeling I will 'be delayed' until I find (see rather than look) and accept which actions are right - which will probably not be revealed until I fully accepted 'being delayed'! That is - accept it in my heart, not only in my head.
Accept it with reestablished 'trust in the process', not only in thought and speak.

Accept it with Compassion, GenerosityLove and a Peaceful Mind.
Accept it by being able to give, although the ego is stuck in "not getting".
This doesn't come easy, or by itself - it requires effort, patience, and most of all discipline. 
And maybe a certain measure of "fake it 'til you make it" :)

Progress is all about (necessary) change and transformation - I've done it many times before, I can do it again!
And again and again.
The Circle of Life.
The Meaning of Life.


Contemplating the meaning held within a card and how it applies to one's life increases knowledge that encourages the transformation of ego-oriented self to universal True self.

I'm doing the best I can - I'm doing it my way!
When I see and know better I will do it even better!