Queen of Wands + Nine of Pent's, Monstarot + Dream Enchantress


Themes: "lighthearted depth, playful seriousness" + "mysterious bridge between the conscious and subconscious"

Monstarot: Queen of Wands
Keywords: "Attractive, vibrant, open minded"
"Full of energy the monster Queen of Wands stands on a grassy hill with her rock for strength and her black uni-cat. Dream stars flutter about encouraging action, as a joyful sunflower beams with a smile of satisfaction at her."
"You can do anything you put your mind to! The Queen is a strong figure, warm and inclusive, an independent thinker, open to the possibilities of the world - your self-assurance, energy and warmth shine through, and will help you succeed. Not only to achieve your own creative goals, but also to inspire and encourage those around you, into taking action and chasing their dreams as well."
Dream Enchantress: Nine of Pentacles
"It is one thing to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is another to have hand in its cultivation for harvest... knowing and working with nature for practical ends."

I've managed to find some kind of flow now! Not precisely a smooth or rapid flow, but a slow, winding - yet rather exiting one! And I'm quite concentrated on not disturbing it. I remind myself All The Time not to push anything, or start to think/analyse - but just enjoy the present, and watch things unfold in unexpected exciting directions (and yesterday I actually WERE invited to an unexpected journey..! Probably with more of them hiding in there.). 
It's such an amazing feeling having a period when I'm able to NOT think about the future, or worry about "how things will turn out", and at the same time manage to "be myself" maybe not to perfection but at least to my own satisfaction!
My body and stomach is a bit shaky and tensed, nervous about my news ways of acting, but hopefully that will subside!