Queen of Wands, Riderless Tarot


Theme: "pure instincts"

Riderless Tarot.
Card: Queen of Wands (R)
"a creative and passionate woman"

"REVERSED: Self-respect, self-confidence, introverted, re-establish sense of self"
"...you have reached a place of self-respect and confidence. You know yourself on a deep level, and you are clear on your personal truth and belief systems. You know what you stand for you and you are not easily moved by the opinions of others. You have also defined what success means to you, even if it differs from others' definitions."
"...invites you to bring your energy and attention inward and focus on rebuilding your sense of self and your resilience. You may have handed your power over to others by paying too much attention to their thoughts and opinions. Now, you need to bring your awareness inward, so you can hear yourself and access your personal strengths and talents. Discover who you are and be courageous in expressing 'you' in everything you do, even if it is different from what others expect of you."