Queen of Wands + The Devil, Mystic Mondays + Vampyres


Theme: "Good Vibes!" + "feeding on the vital essence of the living (learning more about yourself/life through "biting into others' life")"

Mystic Mondays: Queen of Wands
"vivacious, dynamic, authenticity"
"...a strong independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. Warm and vivacious, she empowers you to passionately chase your creative dreams. A lady of many talents, she is a natural leader with a knack for influencing and inspiring others. She has a vibrant way of living life and often attracts like-minded people to be a part of her vision."
"...asks you to tap into your authenticity and to share your passions freely. Don't hold anything back. By sharing your gifts, you are doing the world a huge favor!"
Vampyres Tarot: The Devil
"Procreative energy. Vitality and magnificence. Euphoria and ecstasy. Potent creative powers."
"The energy of The Devil is like that of an exultant goat - lusty, mighty and earthy. He is blissful in his ecstasy, enriched and vibrant in his enthusiasm. When this card appears we are being inspired too thrust with full passion towards our goal. Engaging our potent creative energy and following our impulsive instincts with intense exuberance is the message here. Our dynamic force of will and lust for results will drive us forward to the achievement of our desires. The Devil can be an indication that we are soon to receive a flash of inspiration or that our enthusiasm or passions will be ignited by something, perhaps a person, a creative project or a dazzling idea."
"Our enhanced creativity takes new directions and our capability to manifesting this inspiration gathers momentum."
"The Devil is iconoclastic by nature and can symbolize the breaking down of structured ideologies, intellectual dogmas or freedom from false morality. We are inspired to seek the joy and ecstasy in every manifestation, taste the divine in everything, and appreciate all things."
"Life is for living, and by releasing the inner tensions of a problem through humour or a 'devil may care' approach can free us from the emotional torment tied up with an issue. Pure will of purpose delivered from a lust for satisfaction is a key to this card."