S10 + PP, Unicorn Tarot + Gendron Tarot


Theme: pure instinct + life is a project/process


Unicorn Tarot: Ten of Swords (R)
"Loss or setback is over."

Gendron Tarot: Princess of Pentacles (Page of Pentacles)
"Hard-working. Mature. Methodical. Patient. Persistent. Practical. Responsible."

Spontaneous reflection:
Reacting on fear/feelings from Frightened Parts of the Personality - acting on base instincts/lower brain. Choosing to respond or act on pure instincts - acting on behalf of the soul/Loving Parts of the Personality. 
Once I choose the latter the sense of loss/setback is over.
When I once again remember that the experience of life is a project of itself, and a process, and that feelings of fear and such are opportunities to get to know my self better I can consciously choose not to water those black flowers - and heal (note: I have Chiron square North/South Node in my natal horoscope). 
When I methodicallypatiently and persistently again put the focus back on myself instead of on (expectations of) others' reactions and outer events I take charge of my own life - my primary responsibility.  

Hard and mature work leads to the "Garden of Eden", a colourful, blooming personality and harmony! 

At least that's one way of viewing it :)

Decks #42 and #122 The Gendron Tarot and The Unicorn Tarot