S6 + P10, Steampunk + Eclectic


Theme(s): "being a part of the machinery" + "including perspectives from many sources"

How to follow the spiritual path and stay open and loving in this material, shallow and mechanical world we have created for ourselves? 

How to fulfil the 'expectations of society' without abusing my soul, core essence and (re)disconnecting from 'the source' - as most of our society, and it's 'systems' are disconnected from the source and the souls living in it (that is: a society mirroring human kind by means of it's current phase in the evolution of consciousness)?

I feel that I intuitively start to get a hang (feeling) of it, but it has not really anchored securely in my conscious, my actions and my mind. It still takes a lot of breathing, attention and solitude to remain in the present - and not get lost in outer events, dramas and 'everyday problems'. I flicker in and out of connection. Being fully accepting in the Now has not yet become second nature to me - but I can feel the potential!

The sense of harmony and total freedom is there one second, but not the next - but since quite some time I can almost always feel it's presence in the background (the glory and ultimate success of Ten of Pentacles).


Steampunk Tarot: Six of Swords
"A lady always knows when it's time to leave a situation"
Reversed. It becomes more and more obvious to me when it's time to leave - having in mind that leave equals detach. Having found stillness at home I feel when it leaves, and is replaced by agitation, anxiety, anger, frustration, and such - when the Ego and Frightened Parts of my Personality overtake the rudder, get entangled in dramas, and lost in outer situations and events. 
That's the alarm call to 'leave' - detach. Primary mentally, but sometimes even physically. 
"Leaving a situation with help." Oh, yes! I'm so grateful for all the available help! All the lovely Audio-books I listen to for hours at end, that remind of the important things in life, and what to focus on - when society and it's inhabitants (habitually and unconsciously) pull me in the other direction (towards dramas, blaming, whining, protesting, fighting, pushing, goals, plans, achievements etc - away from personal responsibility for actions, words, life and energy). 
Books, Cards, Dreams, Breathing, Silence. There are so many tools - FREE OF CHARGE (the only investment requested being 'precious' time)!


It's so amazingly cool and awesome that the best way to 'leave' an uncomfortable situation is being more IN it it!

When I stop wishing that I was in some other place, or that things were different (which equals wanting to mentally or physically run away from how things are), and instead let things be the way they presently are - the situation looses it grip over me!
When I am present in the conviction that everything has a meaning - whether I understand that meaning or not for the time being - openness, relaxation and compassion replaces anxiety, fear, judgement and the craving to rearrange things to 'my (Ego's) liking'.
It is VERY hard for the Ego to understand this - as it is rooted (and trained) firmly in the belief that something OUT THERE has to change for a situation to change. It has a hard time to realise that the only thing that has to change it the perception of the situation!

All this is of course easier when I have a clue of the 'why' in a specific situation, and harder when the 'why' is not to be seen for the time being. Then I have to focus hard my innate innocent curiosity regarding the 'why' and let it generate creative energy into the situation, and help me stay present and open (for all kinds of information - Eclectic)!

This is the road to healing, satisfaction, wholeness and 'true wealth", if you ask me!

Eclectic Tarot: Ten of Pentacles - Wealth
"Riches, security, use of money for non-materialistic purposes"
Reversed: "destiny, great risks, loss, danger, gambling" - I still flicker quickly in and out from this 'true wealth', and security anchored inside. My Ego still erratically warn about risks about this and that when it finds itself outside its comfort zone. My Frightened Parts are still eager to sense danger and loose themselves in feelings of loss and resentment over my allotted cryptic fate..!

I know a lot intellectually - but I have a long winding road ahead to walk before all the theory will become my second nature!

(Eclectic: including things taken from many different sources - link)

Decks #127 and #32: Steampunk Tarot (app) and Eclectic Tarot