Seven of Cups, Elora Tarot


Theme: "co-operation and management, with a yin perspective" - as the deck is a "co-operation" deck. Created as a project, with 65 different artists illustrating the deck - and a woman as group coordinator manager. (The deck has 79 cards - The Happy Squirrel being the addition)
(I have another deck created in a similar manner, with a male as the group coordinator)

This theme and card could not be more spot on!! (one of 145ish decks, one of 79 cards - what a coincidence ;) )
'Yin management' highly refers to the word TIMING, that I wrote about yesterday - which is how I want to lead my life. 
To live in harmony with life (your inner essence) and in sync with nature and the universe requires timing, which requires deep connection with intuition, feelings and sensations. The central point being (rerun from yesterdays writing):

You can never, EVER think your way to timing!

Thinking is sequential - life is parallel, and multidimensional.  
Another phrasing: It's impossible to plan harmony into your life.
You can only plan things - things is not life.

CARD: Seven of Cups
"Choices" (from the Elora booklet)

"When the Seven of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, you have many options and opportunities from which you can choose" (biddytarot

So, that's the core of C7.
Sometimes with words as "imagination, choice, wishful thinking, illusion and fantasy" added.
As the intellectual mind have a tendency to get lost in all the available options, and runs away with them into the (impossible to predict) future. It tries to predict the outcome of the options, to weigh the options against each other.
Lost in things - lost at the surface of life.
With the following effect: harmony is lost, because the connection to life is lost the moment it is simplified into things and thoughts ABOUT life..! 
The sense of flow, aliveness and relaxation are also gone with the wind!
There's no timing - there's only thinking.

Just as in horse carriage driving (or riding, or driving a - manual - car by all means) it's impossible to have timing, be in "the feeling", and make it feel "seamless and smooth" without timing. It's only when all motions/actions/non-actions are connected to feeling, sensing, listening and looking it feels ... just right!
When all 5 senses (and more) are used. When full awareness is present. With very limited amount of thinking going on - non at all actually!!!
When you have to think about when and how to switch gears in your car, it's impossible to drive smoothly. If I have to think about first pressing the clutch, then about which way to push or pull the stick, when to release the clutch - at the same time as I have to think about steering the car, watch out for other cars, maybe put on the wipers because of rain - it is of course impossible to achieve harmonious driving!
To perform a good drive you have to get out of your head - and into your senses!
And not for nothing "running your life" is often symbolised by car driving - especially in dreams (such as being in a passenger seat instead of the driver's seat - because someone else is maybe steering your life).


So, I now have 'a million' little, small and less small things to do in my life now. Or rather, I think I have..! When in reality I only have ONE thing to do - which is the ONE thing I can do in each moment..!
"Yes, I know that", the brain exclaims with an highly irritated voice, and continues with "therefore, lets quickly figure (think) out which one thing is the best to do!"

Silly, silly stubborn brain!!

The headache is just around the corner of this habit, often together with a heavy and tensed body in some form (because of taking on more work (thinking) than is necessary) - and some kind of 'stress', because of dissatisfaction with 'time', as it is perceived as an enemy or thief as it becomes a limiting factor when you try to plan and make your life into a sequential line of 'things to do'. What Eckhart Tolle beautifully describes as "creating psychological time". 

"If we create this psychological time, we get trapped in our mind. It happens that we create a problem out of a situation and the mind won't let go of it. This is really not a small thing, it happens constantly. For instance if you watch the news and you see something terrible, did it happen to you that you could not let go of it for several minutes or even hours? It burdens you, although there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Funny enough there are a lot of very pleasant things going on right now, but the news showed exactly the very bad thing and the mind could get trapped in it.
    Now this scenario may not happen to you if you have a certain control over your mind, but let's shift to a more personal situation, maybe you could lose money, your job or even a person. Now it is much harder to stay present and not to lose yourself in the "problem" and thinking constantly over it.
      This is the real source if we suffer over a "problem", not the situation itself, but the interpretation and then thinking over and over it. If we can do something about it then fine, we do it now. If we can't, then we leave the situation or we accept it. There is never a reason to dwell on the situation and by that create a problem in our mind.
     Psychological time is the reason that we lose the present moment and get trapped in the "problem". Often there is really nothing to do at this very moment, so it is not useful to even think about the "problem". Of course I'm not talking about ignoring a situation or not thinking to find a solution to a challenge. I'm talking about the unnecessary time we spend thinking a situation over and over and can't let go of it. The first is in the realm of clock time, the later in the realm of psychological time.
" (myrkothum)


There's no such thing as time - or at least no use to stress about it! If I do what needs to be done, and ought to be done, there will be enough time to do it. By necessity. It's taken care of - if I don't try to make up an agenda of my own (in my head)!
If I'm late - I'm late!
There's no (productive) use agonising about it! Agony will not change the situation, and agitation will most likely make me even more late - or angry/irritated, which certainly doesn't help anyone!
And maybe - just maybe - there's a good reason for it. Maybe I will avoid an accident by "being off schedule". Maybe the one I'm meeting is also late? If I stay alert and present in the now there might be important signs for me. 
What can happen? Nothing 'bad' can happen because I'm late, or because I'm not doing something - nothing 'bad' CAN happen. Everything that happens has a reason. Anything bad or uncomfortable is created by the Ego - who has an illusion or a wish about how things 'should' be, and gets irritated every time they aren't.
Quite silly to let that illusion control your life, and be the basis for your perception of reality! 


I have to FEEL which thing is the right in THE NOW! I have to TIME it - to 'a greater schedule' - not some personal, societal or human 'should' schedule, but The Schedule of the Universe!

Which I can't yet do on any larger scale - because my Ego/thoughts/intellect blocks this intuitive function. This "yin management function" (Elora Tarot).
What I can do though, is manage that in a yin manner. Instead of fighting the Ego/thoughts/intellect, and force out an answer to the "what to do now/next" question, I can lean back. Accept and watch - and refrain from making any decision at all - until the mind settles. 
This of course agitates the Ego, to say the least - because of all the things it thinks have to be done...!
It is not at all in touch with the fact that the actual thing to do - and the most important thing to do - for 'me' (as a whole person, seen from a greater, spiritual perspective) is NOTHING!
Or rather - perceived as nothing by the Ego, but most certainly SOMETHING to my soul!

The silence in between.
It is the void in a cup that makes it useful.
It is the void in the house that makes it possible to live in it.

It is the non-doing among all the 'things' that seems so important to do that is the most important. 
Until my intellectual mind and Ego can calm down, and let me be in the now, and make it possible for me to just 'know' what to do (like in 'being one with your horse/car') - I just watch and accept. 
This IS doing!
This IS work!
Spiritual work.
Mental work.
Long-term work.
Highly necessary work for human kind, and its survival!  

Once I know what to do I will happily let the intellect support me in doing it, in the now - but I will not let it make my now or life into a 'problem' to solve. 
When the Ego and intellect goes into problem-mood I disengage and detach, and let it play out and eventually die out. As I know it finally will, if I don't invest energy in it - either against it or for it. The habit will then, by time, grow weaker. 

I can do this with confidence, because when/if some of all these million things (7 cups) that my Ego dwells upon get urgent enough I will know it, and do it then!
Really important stuff will eventually, in some way or another, show itself to me - I don't have to seek or figure it out...! 
Also - I will not 'just do something, until I know what to do...' either - because that would be distraction. Distraction from feeling my dis-ease. The thing to do is to be with this dis-ease.
Then, eventually, there will be a physical thing to do!
Now there's a mental thing to do!

Inner - Outer.
Alternately. Like a dance.
Being - doing.
Yin - Yang.
Venus - Mars.

Tonight another inspiring live-call with Gary and Linda in the Life School!


I can hardly believe that I have now started an education (The Soul Manifestation Coach Training) that might actually lead me to help and support others in working on finding connection with their true essence, their soul and the source of life!

Deck #36: The Elora Tarot