Seven of Cups, Medicine Woman Tarot


Theme: "in the service of healing""

Card: Seven of Bowls
"Let the self be swept into bliss."

This card again!

"Alignment, personal values, overwhelmed by choices."
"The reversed Seven of Cups often appears when you face several different choices and, instead of choosing the option that may appeal to others, you are relying on your inner wisdom and guidance to show you the best way. You may come up with your own criteria to help you make decisions in alignment with your inner being.
If you find yourself with multiple opportunities or ideas, ground yourself first and reflect on what you want for the long-term. All these shiny new objects in front of you have a certain 'magic' power over you right now, and you're at risk of losing focus if you chase after pipedreams.
" (biddy)

I don't think anyone would object if I said I'm "going against common sense" to a great extent in my way of dealing with life and it's challenges.
I'm trying to the best of my current capacity to listen to inner wisdom and my soul for guidance.
I have certainly come up with my own way to make decisions - and would not "sit here if I hadn't".