Seven of Cups + Nine of Wands, Ancient Italian + St. Croix


Themes: Passion + "Sensing your own path/synchronicity as a guide"

Ancient Italian Tarot: Seven of Cups
"Imagination, creativity, fantasies, search for utopia"
St Croix Tarot: Nine of Wands
"A woman has traveled from the source of this deck, through a portal, passed a sapling, a mature tree, enduring challenges, burning passion and finally leaning on her staff/wand is so close to completing her spiritual journey.
"Meaning: You are close to reaching your destination on your path of enlightenment having gleaned wisdom from many experiences." Reversed. Are one ever close to reaching the destination on the path of enlightenment?! Life IS the spiritual journey - thinking it can be completed is certainly a search for utopia. The Ego often falls into that trap. Thinking there are Right Things To Do - forgetting it's more about How You Do The Things you choose to do.
At least my Ego falls into that trap. Bending it's back trying to find the right way, the right action, the right choice. Thinking too far ahead. Predicting outcomes and results. I'm really challenged this way right now. Finding myself in totally unexpected situations impossible to predict, direct, or imagine the development and/or result of, for most of my awake time (much like the dreams at night time :) ).
I'm feeling totally frustrated and totally taken care of at the same time!
The Ego curses the challenges, the soul feels the synchronicity in them and greets'em.