Seven of Cups + Temperance, Holy Light


The random number generator gave me 66 two times in a row this morning...!!!
Which at the moment corresponds to 2 cards from the Holy Light Tarot.

Theme: enlightenment/awakening ("explicit spiritual growth")

Seven of Cups
"The Seven of Cups typically refers to works of the imagination, pointing to the use of dream, desire, and magic to invent a future different than the life one is currently living."
"Don not be fooled by the traditional title "Fantasy", for this card indicates the magical quality of the awakened imagination." 'Awakened Imagination', I like that phrasing! Especially as I always get a little lump in my tummy when pulling the C7, from fear of being caught trapped in illusion and pipe-dreaming.
"Many people are afraid to admit their heart's desire, even to themselves. Sometimes we can't hold still long enough to recognize that our dream is standing right in front of us."
"The Seven teaches that there are invisible currents we can harness with our imagination, even when the visible methods don't seem to be working out.
"This is the highest of the world's magical disciplines - to bring together the Light trine and the Fire trine without annihilating either of them."
"...should this card fall upside down in a spread, one must allow the diamond-sharp tip of this fiery triangle to pierce directly into the hidden truth that sets us free. This is the moment when all superficials are washed away."
"Only in Scorpio, in this pressure-cooker atmosphere, can we convert our ancient karmic poisons and deficits into the medicine of spiritual rebirth. Only after we've been melted down, rendered, poured out and recast many hundreds of times do we finally become pure and self-aware enough to realize that this distillation and concentration process is, in fact, the very experience we came into matter to undergo."