Seven of Cups + The Empress, Riderless + Epic


Themes: "pure instincts" + the Epic Tarot "focuses on the relationship between the cards" or "Extending beyond the usual or ordinary"

Riderless Tarot: Seven of Cups (I don't like this card, I immediately think "I'm just fooling myself, I'm following a desert illusion and childish wishful thinking", and get an uncomfortable squeezy feeling in the stomach)
"daydreams, fantasy, temptation, deception"
Therefore I was glad to be asked to draw another card, that hopefully could ease my worry.
Epic Tarot: The Empress - Mother of Hope
Somewhat comforting, that the energy in the air just might be more one of positive imagination rather than illusion!
"You have been given a wondrous gift. This great honor brings with it the responsibility of nurturing that gift. receive this gift with your whole being, allowing to fill you with hope."

Regarding my nemesis C7, I've read somewhere (in another deck) that it could be looked at rather as imagination - in a positive sense. Referring to how life is built first in the imagination. Something like:

"It's my conviction that slight shifts in imagination have more impact on living than major efforts at change... deep changes in life follow movements in imagination." (Thomas Moore)

As the C7 is from the Riderless Tarot, I spontaneously think (hope) that my wishes at least comes from innocence - "pure instincts". Hope, in other words - "confirmed" by the second card? 

But of course, it's risky business. 

"Your ego may pull you in a specific direction, but it's important you check in with your Higher Self first. Evaluate your options and dig below the surface to discover what's involved with each choice." (biddy)

But hey, LIFE is risky business. What would life be without taking risks (chances) every now and then? Hopefully in line with my higher self, and for the best of all concerned.

" is a time to focus on the one thing that will move you closer to your goal; resist the temptation to get side-tracked with other ideas as they arise. If need be, note your ideas as they come up, but stay focused on the one thing you're doing."
I try not to get side-tracked by ego-talk, telling me to throw in the towel, keep distance, bail out - very aware that the "truth" may very well be the other way around. Maybe I SHOULD bail out?
I have no idea. I just try to do and say what feels right in each and every moment. Follow the guidance I find in my cards and dreams. I try to act and talk from the most loving place I within me I can summon, inspired by Gary Zukav.
Am I just daydreaming? Am I betting on the wrong horse? Am I doing it totally wrong? Because I know I'm doing and saying very uncommon things, in uncommon ways.
I hope not.
I feel I'm doing and saying what my soul wants - even though I don't know the origin and purpose of it. 
And I hope I'm capable of instilling and inspiring hope.


I hope I am honouring 'the gift' - having no idea what that gift, or 'my gift', might be.

I can only do my best. Do what I feel my responsibility is.
I have no power over the outcome.
And that's mighty scary, I admit, despite 'knowing' that everything that happens is Right and exactly as it should be.