Seven of Pentacles, African American Tarot


Theme: (find the) roots

Again. This deck just visited, on the 12th.


Card: Seven of Pentacles
"Tano - God of healing, Ghana and Henry Ossian Flipper - Thomasville, Georgia, 1856, Atlanta, 1940"
"Commitment, self-criticism, objective evaluation of one's one own work, partial gains. Importance of being able to wait, dedication."

"Or, what you thought would make you happy is creating stress and anxiety and isn't worth the effort." (biddy) or is it?
"In a relationship reading, the reversed Seven of Pentacles indicates you have been working very hard on laying the foundations for your relationship but now worry that you will lose all of it." Worrying that I'm too broken, or that signs of pain suggests that a partner relationship just isn't meant to be on my path. 
"If you are trying your hardest but still experiencing a season of loss, now is not the time to give up. The Seven of Pentacles urges us to persevere, even trough the valleys so that we can make it to our destinations and enjoy the harvest after all." (littlesparkofjoy)
I will persevere. Try to get help/more answers/information - one more time. Explore if I can find the roots of the "problem", or just find a little bit more information regarding the purpose of my mental and physical configuration.
Again: transit Chiron hoovering my Vertex (Destiny's Gate)

And, I have my natal Chiron in the 8th house - the house of Transformation, Birth, Death and Sex.

"it's from our greatest wounds our greatest ability to heal comes." (pippastrology)