Seven of Swords + Fire Spirit, Kingdom Within + Sacred Forest


Themes: "All you need is within you" + "You're not lost in the woods - you're in a transformative forest, step into the experience"

Kingdom Within Tarot: Seven of Swords (R)
Where do the other(s) get their shit from? Why are they acting out their frustrations ("undeservingly") on you?!
They are fed by their inner ghosts, just like your inner ghosts wants to feed you with things and feelings rooted in the past - but maybe they don't know it. Have compassion. Don't let your judging thoughts get the better of you! It's not about you having to "chew/eat this shit" - it's about You learning to have compassion. It's not about "not getting what you want", or them "getting away with something" (a futile hopeless situation). Basically - It's not about You. 
Have compassion for where THEY are - knowingly or unknowingly. Don't let your head (thoughts) undermine you, and convince you how "bad" they are. Maybe their behaviour is - but their souls are not. 
Compassion. You have it within you. 
You have within you all you need. Don't let their behaviour make you forget that!
Sacred Forest Oracle: Fire Spirit - Energy
YOU are not lost. Maybe they are. But you are not!
Let them be lost - maybe they need it, now!
You are most probably not "wrongly stricken", or "wrongly blamed", just in the line of fire of unconscious content.
And as it's indeed 'futile' to resonate with The Sleeping, all you can do is take the opportunity to practice compassion. A passion of the soul. 
You're not on the wrong path. You are not lost. You're in a transformative forest, with possibilities beyond your imagination. 
Be the change you want to want to see in the world!