Seven of Swords, Journey to the Orient


Theme: "west meets east"

I managed to reach a very calm place yesterday afternoon, after a couple of very calm and meditative hours together with my horses. First a medium long drive with the yellow one, and then a walk with the very tensed black one - who was actually able to relax a bit the last couple of hundred meters, for the first time <3
Most certainly because I was able to be, and also feel, more present than I've been for quite some time now. It was really refreshing, comforting and strengthening to reach and be at that level of non-attachment for the better part of a day - and managing to allow old emotional pain and fears to just be, and follow along!

It all felt very "eastern".
I really felt my relaxed core, and the underlying unconditional peace and love (that I've felt a bit separated from lately, explicitly written about here) - AND, not more than a couple of hours later I was rewarded with (attracted/mirrored back) rather surprising acts of "worldly love", confirming how it truly starts in and with myself. Yesterday was such a schoolbook example on "what you send out comes back", or "be the change you want to see in the world", and other such "eastern sayings".

Card: Seven of Swords
"Hope, will, and struggle for achieving one's own aspirations. Winning causes."

A rather unusual take on the Seven of Swords, but certainly fitting. 
For at least almost a day I "won"! The Ego was able to lean back, and take orders.
For a considerable amount of time I channelled my Hope and Will in an "eastern direction" (inwards), acted out of Love although Fear was very present. 

It's huge!


Now it's time for some incredibly boring school work, followed by equally boring economy work...
No judgement here ;) 

Now it's time for some school work, followed by economy work.

The Devil is in the details!