Seven of Swords + Knight of Wands, Parrott + Rosetta


Themes: "teaching/learning" + "deciphering key"

Parrott Tarot: Seven of Swords - Futility 
"of an untrustworthy and vacillating nature, prone to quitting"
Rosetta Tarot: Knight of Wands - Lord of Flame and Lightning
"The Knight of Wands thrusts forward; he passes through the flames and the lightning swiftly and fiercely. He is active, sudden, impetuous and brutal"
"a situation full of creative potential and leadership; a Zeus-like figure who is in himself his own destiny."
"strong, generous, honorable, and striving when positive and cruel, impetuous and brutal when negative."
"risky business, where one gets one shot at spectacular success or crash-and-burn-failure"