Seven of Swords, Lost Tarot of Nostradamus


This is a deck I receive quite often in my Card of the Day series. 
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, which in my 'system' represents the theme: "Once buried, but found again".
That is, the rediscovering of something. Most likely in a spiritual sense - something within you. A once buried facet of your inborn passion maybe!

Quite in line with all the aces and Sun card recently (and, of course, the things happening/unfolding in my life)!

But most births have obstacles built into them.
Just like physical birth involves passage through quite the narrow gate, and pain for the mother.

That is, all obstacles don't imply that you're doing something wrong, but merely that you have to sense how to most peacefully (least painfully) proceed. Just like the mother birthing the baby needs feel and sense the right moments to help push the baby through the narrow passage it has to go through.

So, obstacles being present/appearing now seems to be ones that should be skillfully and patiently handled, with a knowing that it is doable - the challenge being to do it in the most loving and intuitive way possible, and not just force it through. 
True whether it's the birth of something new, or something once buried being rebirthed. 

Leaving the 'how' to your intution (Higher Self/Universal Guidance/God) ensures the best outcome for all parties involved. Don't be afraid to 'ask ('higher instances' in particular) for help' :)
The more open you are (heart wise), the more disarmed your 'opponents' become.


Quite the unusual take on S7, image wise!
But I like how the interpretation talks about stealing the swords from an enemy force - with the intention of preventing a battle. In reference to the traditional imagery of this card, which most of us are familiar with. 
The text begins with the mentioning that the 'usual interpretation' of the card is "hope, or intervention".  

Card: VII Stars
"This card is about finding hope in the direst situation".
"...the message is straight forward: believe in yourself, advance with caution and, however great your dreams, with a little help, you have a good chance of achieving your goals."