Seven of Swords, Xultun Tarot


Theme: "with the Maya Indians' view of the world"

"beliefs are formed on the notion that virtually everything in the world contains k'uh, or sacredness. K'uh and k'uhul, similar terms which are used to explain the spirituality of all inanimate and animate things, describe the most divine life force of existence." (

"What we refer to as time, the Maya referred to as harmonic resonance. Days are not 24-hour long periods of time but tones ("kim") which are represented by numbers. Groups of days create harmonic cycles ... and these cycles are part of one larger organic order in the universe.
Our planet Earth is a part of that harmonic system by means of its relationship to the Sun and, still further, with the Galaxy.
Our problem is that with our concepts "time" flows only in one direction, from the past to the present and on into the future. But that is only half the picture. The Maya clearly had a more complete picture of cosmic time.

"Belief in the end of humanity isn't the end of the world, it is the end of an era and, perhaps, the beginning of a new epoch of the gods.
The gods destroyed the different versions of "humans" because they either could not or would not worship their creators. This is a crucial consideration for the gods. They could not afford to have creations which were unworthy and incapable of providing sustenance to the gods.
" (


The world continues beyond, below and above human thinking, wishing and wanting, "Universal timing" and "heeding the signs" - the Read Thread in the recent day's reflections (too).


Card: Seven of Swords - Warrior of Futility
"These are the cards of the mind and intellect, perpetually cutting down, dissecting and inquiring. Swords represent action in the world. They generally tend to be negative in their effect, for swords and knives are not the gentlest way of solving problems. Swords may be characterised as "Might is Right"."
"Swords are the cards of masculine energy, that which pierces and separates. They are the cards of the left hemisphere of the brain, the examiner of minute detail. This energy is lineal in that it flows only in one direction, from the past to the future.
"As a health indicator, they relate to the lungs and the throat, also the skin and the nose."
The 7 of Swords:
"There has been a failure of a plan and it causes annoyance" (According to the Ego - the 'linear thinker' - and it's 'plans', my horse, and a comrade to her, should live with me now. Which they are not - Ego annoyance is certainly a fact)
"...leads to quarrelling and vexation" (Ego tries to convince and overrun the Soul and Guidance from the Universe -- internal quarrelling -- leads to 'sickness' (imbalance))
"There is wishing and hoping that things would be different"
This T.O.T.A.L.L.Y matches yesterday's reflections and writings..!
But the card came up in reverse
"Good advice and counsel are offered and should not be refused. Something that was stolen is returned secretly." (There's always much great advice and counsel to be found in prevailing circumstances, perceived feelings and emotions, and other non-physical guidance (dreams, messages in cards) etc., which I as usual have done my utmost to understand and describe in as many ways possible to my stubborn Ego. Slowly, an Ego made blockage begins to dissolve once again, and the 'stolen' connection to The Source returns in the 'secret' (hidden) depths of my being.)