Seven of Wands, D Tarot


Theme: Learning/Teaching Adapted to the Needs of the Individual

Which is very much what the Earth school is about - and our "system" or "society" is not! Generally speaking, as the Society as we know it is mostly constructed for "order and survival", by fivesensory perceptive humans - while Life itself consists of far more dimensions than 5, and Life is so much more than just surviving!

Humans have sort of forgotten that Nature can take care of us quite good, if we let her, and listen to her. For 9 months we are taken care of in a splendid way in our mothers' wombs, then we start manipulating and messing things up, in our hunt for order, control and comfort!

So, this is the theme that I assigned this deck when I bought it into my 'system'! Based on the roots  and spirit of the word Didactic:

"Didaktikos is a Greek word that means "apt at teaching." It comes from didaskein, meaning "to teach." Something "didactic" does just that: teaches or instructs. "Didactic" conveyed that neutral meaning when it was first borrowed in the 17th century, and still does; a didactic piece of writing is one that is meant to be instructive as well as artistic. Parables are generally didactic because they aim to teach a moral lesson." (link)

But of course, as the general fivesensory person (which most of humankind still are) neither is  interested in examine nor changing his or her behaviour (and few knows how to do it properly - as it's not included in today's upbringing or ordinary school curriculum), you can also find the following description:

"used to describe someone or something that tries to teach something (such as proper or moral behaviour) in a way that is annoying or unwanted" (link)



Which I think is a reason for the general description of the Seven of Wands.

Card: Seven of Wands - The Upper Hand
"wilful power, righteous indignation, its time to stand up for yourself and show your power, conviction, under attack from all sides, in the defensive, you have the high ground - you have to defend yourself relentlessly" (from D Tarot)

"He seems to be defending this position and attacking in retaliation. It is interesting to note that in the Rider-Waite depiction of the Seven of Wands, the man is wearing not matching shoes. This is linked to the symbolism of being on uneven ground or not having a stable footing in life." (link)

The un-matching shoe thing is totally new to me - I have not recognised that before! But I guess that's sort of the key, or where I'm heading at. We do not have stable ground for our science, system, order, laws and so on and so forth! And most live in the perception that they have to "defend themselves". I myself very much have a foot (many Frightened Parts of my Personality) in that (old) world view! 

I certainly still have very many (Frightened) Parts in me that wants to "teach the truth" - in an annoying unwanted way - that I'm in the midst of processing. I'm focusing on teaching myself rather than others - except for the rare cases when someone asks me for my view. This page is one the tools I have for processing my Frightened Parts and practising detachment from events and feelings - it's really effective for me. It's teaching and learning adapted to me! :)   
So, for now the process mostly means feeling these fearful parts, accepting them, and letting them be there. NOT fighting them, or standing up against them! Resistance only creates more resistance. 
It's mostly about becoming emotional aware, and transform the fear and pain to love and spiritual growth.
Feeling my own reactions, accepting them and accompanying thoughts for what they are - reactions - not truths! It is Fear showing itself - as presents of growth to unwrap - that maybe someone or something have been kind enough to reveal to me. The more mature, loving and courageous I become, the more I can see it like this - and send these someones and somethings my gratefulness for helping me grow, as the universe and evolution "want" me to! I will learn to respond more than I react in my fearful moments - but mostly I'm still in the silent feeling and accepting phase. Waiting for the right time to respond, waiting for the right thing to respond to come to me.
Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. Always I learn! All the time I grow!


Anyhow, there's nothing to protect (the card). I am my essence - always have been, always will be - and no one can take that away from me. I can only loose my connection to it (again) - and that's my own problem!!

"Most of us assume that our pain is the result of what someone else does or does not do to us."


"Only you can do the damage to yourself. Your former partner may lack integrity (or may be seeing things about you that you do not see about yourself), but he or she does not have the ability to hurt you, no matter how much it appears otherwise. He or she has only the ability to activate dynamics within you-ones that have nothing to do with him or her and everything to do with you. Until you choose not to be controlled by these dynamics, you will feel that you have been "hurt" by other people, just as you will continue to feel that you have been hurt by other people in the past.
Even if you change the circumstances and people in your life who appear to be causing your pain, that pain will recur: the pain of abandonment, the pain of betrayal, or being abused or being judged. Further, when you look back on your experiences, you will see that already this pain has recurred many times in different situations, different places and with different people. Eventually you will see that you are the common denominator. You are the thread that connects. Judging others, blaming others, trying to punish others and gossiping about others will not ease your pain or prevent it from returning, because your pain is not caused by others. It occurs only when the dynamic is activated within you."

This is good news!

"Each time the dynamic is activated, for example, anger, abandonment, humiliation, you will have another opportunity to look inside. You will again feel the magnetic attraction of fear, the powerful pull of judgement, the need to prove that another person is causing your pain. But you can choose to experience the interior source of your pain-instead of blaming it on others."


"Every time you break your usual pattern, you melt the wall between you and others can connect from an open heart. Eventually, you will recognize that each of your emotions is a free-standing experience, independent of what others do or say-and that the activation and reactivation of painful dynamics will end when you intervene consciously in this process. "

This is the first step to creating Authentic Power!

"There is nothing you need to use against those who appear to "hurt you" because the appearance of others "hurting you" is an illusion. It is based in fear, and that is why acting on it cannot bring you peace or joy. Only love can do that. Every time you feel the need to blame someone for a painful experience, but you choose consciously not to act on that need, you take a step toward love."


The best way I can 'stand up for myself' is to be myself, and that requires me neither to react nor act - because there's no need for me to play any role or make a show (create a drama)! Those are needs of the Frightened Parts of my Personality!

That doesn't mean it's not challenging to leave old roles that people in your surroundings "expect you to play", the way you've done it before, and the way "everyone does". It's not easy to maybe be the first in your family to "embark on The Journey".
Of course it is scary to leave the Titanic for the unknown black waters, when the rest stays on the still warm, but most likely doomed ship either partying or reorganising and trying to control their surroundings until their last breath - that are choices suiting them for where they are at, you (I) have to make your (my) own choices independently of theirs - and there's no need to defend my choices (and certainly no need or point to judge others)! 

Fear believes otherwise, Fear disagrees, Fear misunderstands, Fear takes it personally, Fear protests - reacts - Soul just knows, calmly accepts, patiently waits, wisely reflects, and lovingly responds!
There's no other place but were I am right now, there's no other time but now - it's up to me to create more harmonious now:s. I have an opportunity to choose more lovingly and openly in each and every now available to me!
And only I can do it!
Bonus: The more harmonious now:s I create for myself - the more harmony I (consequently, per definition) create for the ones in my vicinity (as they then have the opportunity to experience my harmony, if they chose to), and therefore for the world. Likewise, each moment of strife and struggle I chose to co-create - the more strife I create to an already struggling world!

It's quite simple logic and maths! 
The right choice is rather obvious - but maybe not equally easy to make (as history shows)!


(I think the dude looks like Peter Stormare :) )