Seven of Wands + Eight of Swords, Royo Dark + Atavist


Themes: "anger, frustration" + "finding balance religion and science" (or spirit/head - or intuition/facts)

Royo Dark Tarot: Seven of Wands
"The inner demons have been left at the bottom of the well."
Atavist Tarot: Eight of Swords
"Impossible choices - lack of stamina - fear of making the wrong choice"
"A problem appears, or a decision has to be made, and you are not sure what the right answer is. Often you are not in control of the outcome as the responsibility for making the choice is either out of your hands or will be made as a group. Even so, you take on the whole responsibility for the outcome yourself. You keep going over the problem in your mind, over-analysing it, until it becomes meaningless and you can no longer think clearly. Recognise that the outcome is not your responsibility."
Advice "Rest, let others make the running for a while. Draw another card from the deck to find a positive way through your problem..."