Seven of Wands, Everyday Tarot



Theme: everyday life

The sun rises, the sun sets.
Another day comes, another day goes.
Seasons passing by.
On and on.

Seven of Wands. A card typically described with "hold your ground" and such. The "original" (Raider Waite) illustration emit a rather defensive and negative energy. 

Which I guess is how 'we' usually and generally "hold our ground". We feel the need to defend our view point, our thoughts, our opinions or our feelings.
Or rather - the Ego does!

"Whenever you become defensive about anything, know that you have identified with an illusion." (link)

The soul (that is, at the core of every human there is an essence) has no need to defend itself. It knows perfectly well what it is, and its value. 
It is the Ego who has opinions, wishes, desires, thoughts and such, that it confuses with 'being'. It mix up opinions and thoughts with existence.

The old "I think, therefore I am".
Nah - rather something like 'I can think, and can therefore be aware of that I am'.
The "consciousness becoming aware of itself", that so many spiritual geniuses (thousands of years ago, as well as today) talk about and are called to spread awareness about.

"Ancient humans felt (and many indigenous people today feel) a burning responsibility to show their respect, honor, and gratitude to Nature, to the Universe, and to Mother Earth which gave them life. And so, they created rituals involving singing, dancing, lighting fires, and different types of prayer. These activities raised the vibration of the Earth and all life."

"But today, due to a global economy driven by wealth and greed, humans are destroying the environment and with it the natural balance of give-and-take between man and nature. Generally, worldwide, we are taking from the Earth far more than we are giving back to Her through respect and love."

Therefore, to "stand ones ground" is not about defence - it's about light (high frequency energy). It's about awareness and raising consciousness. 
Which is what I perceive in this version of W7.
And it is a kind of work that never ends. 24/7 - every-day.

"...if we can find a way to give back to the Earth, then She will most certainly have more abundance to share with us, and humans can live in increased prosperity (richness of mind, body, and heart) instead of being caught up in endless war, greed, and fear as much of the world is today." (link)


Just like we don't need to defend the Earth, but take responsibility for it, we don't need to defend ourselves - we need to take responsibility for ourselves! What we think, feel, say, do and radiate - and the consequences all these create!

The Earth, as well as our Souls, do not need us to defended or save them - they want us to be aware, and rather need us to take care of them!

It's Much Better to Be Conscious than Smart

"If a wizard came to you and said you could be either the smartest person in the world or the most aware, which would you choose?

It's a symptom of the times, I think, that most people would choose to be smarter. We live in a world based on technology, wealth, and entrepreneurship. You have to be smart to succeed in those areas, and if you feel you are only average in intelligence, you are not likely to expect enormous success. The argument for being more aware is rarely made, yet by far choosing to be more aware is the better choice-and unlike IQ, you can increase your awareness." (choprafoundation)

There's no gain in making clever defence speeches, or 'winning arguments'. The only thing being defended is the right to hold on to the Ego and it's opinions, and the only thing becoming stronger is this 'smart Ego'. The perceived 'win' is a very short-term thing (feeling), boosting the Ego, but undermining awareness.

"A high IQ can even lead you deeper into an unconscious life, because very smart people generally believe they are right, so they strongly prefer their version of reality. This reduces the motivation to be open to new and unknown possibilities. It cements fixed habits and beliefs in place." (choprafoundation)

I (nowadays) very much prefer to make aware choices rather than smart ones. Choices that poses quite the challenges for my Ego. A ground-shaking decision that has required minor as well as major changes to the way I used to perceive and deal with everyday life.
Challenging, but long-term relieving.

"What awareness brings is freedom from fixed beliefs and habits."

"So how do we intensify those qualities we value most? We pay attention to them. This is the heart of what Buddhism calls non-doing. Instead of applying an idea, even a brilliant idea, you feel your way along, letting awareness guide you to the goal."

"It means no longer living a provisional identity, with limited experiences and confined expectations." (choprafoundation)

I am not an engineer, or a hoof care provider, or a woman, or a daughter. Those are merely titles, labels, words and roles that I can play. Roles and knowledge I gather as a student in the Earth School. 
I am not my story. It's just a story.
I Am so much more. I Am my essence - The Essence. I Am that, I Am.

"I am infinite consciousness and all the possibilities it contains."

And that's of course nothing that have to be defended - it's the way it is..! 
And only by Being It can I 'stand my ground'

But it's one thing talking and writing about it, and another to do (be) it! 

Card: Seven of Wands
"External pressure is weighing you down, leaving you doubting yourself and whether everything is worth it. Don't let your doubts get to you. Own your position and don't censor yourself to keep others happy."

" make your destiny and fate by the choice of words you attach to that 'I am'."
"whatever you attach to "I am", you become.
 It has the power to free you if you know how to use it.