Seven of Wands + Four of Pent's, Maat + Dreams of Gaia


Themes: "personification of truth, justice, and the cosmic order" + "for the sake of The Earth/humankind"

Sensation: working for a/the greater good - not to focus on details/my wishes/my situation.

Maat Tarot: Seven of Wands
"Week of the new moon in Aquarius" which is now..!
"The new moon phases symbolizes always being at the beginning and end, seeing life as an ever opening bud. The intuition rather than logic rules here, the projection of self on other's motivations. Very powerful for beginning and endings."
" 18th century European fur trader doing business with two woodland Natives."
"The lesson here is to stay vigilant though you may have the advantage and you may think the culture you inherited is on solid ground. There is always some drunk with the sickness of greed that thinks what you have is there for him or her to take. Do not be so civilized that you would willingly give up what is rightfully yours or rightfully that of your family just to keep the peace." (*)
"Return evil for evil to no man and you will come out the better for it. If you stick to your path, your gods will support you. ...Bad reputation ends, good reputation and good karma go on and on."
"In a reading: This card suggests that you have the advantage even though you are out numbered. You will only be able to maintain your advantage if you stay mindful of your personal position and keep your focus. Understanding and sensitivity to the perceptions and needs of others will keep the peace." A little bit contradicting to (*)? Or not. Stand your ground, but understand that others have their ground to stand?
Dreams of Gaia Tarot: Four of Earth
Keywords "Commitment, Stability, Reliability, Steady Progress, Endurance, Perseverance"
"...a happy and rewarding outcome is at hand. Remember, however, that the key to completing large or long-term projects is in making slow and steady progress. The key is to put one brick on top of the other, to persevere and continue to build, even went you feel you want to give up. It is to remain stoic and positive in the face of hardship, knowing that experiencing frustration, fear, and doubt will only serve to weigh you down and slow your momentum.
You have made real and tangible progress; do not falter now. You are close to achieving you goal or manifesting the outcome you desire the most. The Four of Earth encourages you not to giving up, even if weariness dogs your every move.
Take a moment to look back at how far you have come, and celebrate what you have achieved. Now look forward and see that you only have a few things left to accomplish. Take heart, take a moment to rest and recharge, and then continue forward with the same level of dedication."