Seven of Wands, Journey to the Orient


Theme: "West visits East"

Card: Seven of Wands
"Diplomacy in solving problems and difficulties."

To a great extent - mostly. Or often. Or from time to time, not for too long! Not the most stable and developed patience, admittedly.
But better than the average, I think.
But this is certainly a skill I practice a lot, and want to "master".


"The Seven of Wands reversed shows that external pressure is weighing you down, leaving you doubting yourself and whether everything is worth it. It may seem as if you are under constant opposition. At first, you could hold firm, but after a relentless battle, you are now exhausted and ready to give up altogether. Don't let this get to you!" (biddy)

I can't really call it external "pressure", but I certainly perceive my current situation pressing and difficult (although knowing that a situation can't BE that - it just IS...) and it triggers doubt in me. Difficult not because of pressure, but rather because what I was 'battling' for seem to have disappeared out of my life. The opposition being me opposing this being so.
The problem that I deeply wanted to "diplomatically solve" dissolved into thin air.
Now what?
I have given up - let it go - to the best of my capacity.
But unwillingly - in emotional opposition. 
I have let it get to me.

"...this card urges you to keep fighting for what you believe in. Stand strong, own your position and don't change who you are just to keep others happy." (biddy)

I believe it was all worth it.
I don't regret it.
I have learned A LOT.
But still - now what?
Stand strong and don't change who you are.
The question remains, being me - and DO what?

"The reversed Seven of Wands may affirm that you are overwhelmed by the challenges and responsibilities in your life, finding yourself quickly snowed under and unable to look at the bigger picture." (biddy)

I guess there's no outside answer to get to my question. Probably because it's not the right question to ask..! 
Look at the bigger picture...
It's probably more about the being than the doing.
I'm mentally stuck on DO and SOLVE.
I want to WORK my way through this uncomfortable situation.
I don't like to "sit and wait" for things to happen/change.
Which most likely is what I should, have and must do - as it's a major theme for this year's Solar Return...!