Seven of Wands + Knight of Cups, St.Croix + Sidhe


Themes: "Sensing your own path/synchronicity as a guide" + "the gift of"

St.Croix Tarot: Seven of Wands
"The Brazilian Indians march to defend their land. Even though they are a minority they have the courage to face their opponents"
"Meaning: Stand up for what you believe in."
Tarot of the Sidhe: Dancer Prince ('Knight of Cups') - Gift of Passion
"Dance is one of the most pure expressions of emotional connection, transcending the language of words and cultural symbolism. The Dancers speak of our emotional connection to each other, our selves, and the world(s) around us."

The Dancer Prince: 
"The brooding hero of the dance,
A poet's spirit of romance,
He'll steal the heart that you would keep,
And lead you darkly to the deep..."
"Keywords: Brodding, Tortured, Tomantic, Spiritual, Obsessive"