Seven of Wands, Zirkus Mägi


Not a day to 'show off'!

Little bit of a continuation from yesterday - go within, don't mind how others perceive you, and don't bother 'being quick'!
Or, don't bother looking strong, fast, brave etc. Don't get caught in performance mood.

Life might feel a little like a big circus, but make sure you're participating (and contributing) in a way that serves your purpose, your gifts, your talents. 

There are days when right thing to do is to "stand up for yourself" (trad keywords), to show bravery, to show just how balanced and strong you are - but not today.
Today is a day to show courage maybe by NOT performing?! Stepping back. Taking a backseat. Listen, meditate, going inwards, and truly find who you are in this situation and time in life.
And as always - check your alignment.
You alignment with your own core values, the needs of your soul, and 'who you want to be'.
Who you want to be to FEEL GOOD (harmonious, peaceful), not who you should be to "be seen" (fishing for likes or applause). 

It's not an All Eyes On Me moment - it's an all eyes one yourself moment! :)

It's always good to ask questions.
Today might be; what is a "spotlight desire" trying to distract you from? What old habit or fear is it linked to? 

Deck: Zirkus Mägi Tarot
Theme: "the circus of life"
Card: Seven of Batons (R) Valour

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