Six of Cups + 2 of Swords, Tree + Gay


Theme: "slow organic growth" + "face/work on yourself"

Tarot of Trees: Six of Cups (R)
"Reminiscing about the good times." What happened, how can I get it back?! Or make it last?!
But the past is gone.
Gay Tarot: Two of Swords (R) - Meditation
Let the phone be. The phone is unplugged.
"Closing you eyes to outer circumstances in order to gain perspective or to avoid a decision. Refusing to act."
Be still. Order your thoughts. They are only thoughts after all. Needing no action. Or talking.


"When the reversed Six of Cups appears in a reading, ask whether you're clinging to the past and losing touch with the present. Reflection and nostalgia may bring up positive or negative feelings, but either way, when you find yourself wishing for 'how things used to be' and not living in the present, you miss out on the opportunities right in front of you."
"...true and lasting change can only happen in the present moment."
"...make peace with the past so you can focus on the now. Learn from your mistakes, forgive others and yourself, and acknowledge that life is continually evolving. Let go of the past and bring your attention firmly into the present." (biddy)

"confusion, information overload, stalemate"
"The Two of Swords reversed suggests that you are facing a difficult decision and cannot decide which direction to take. You are caught between a rock and a hard place, and it feels impossible to make the 'right' decision as you believe either option will lead to negative consequences"
"You may also lack the information you need to make a sound decision." (biddy)

Don't put to much focus on the past (or future), and wait for more information before making any decisions or taking any particular action. There's nothing to solve.