Six of Cups, Good Tarot


Theme: "good for goodness sake - the calling to create positive change"

Deck: The Good Tarot
Card: Six of Water (R)
I immediately saw this woman/girl holding her hands at her stomach, as I having/showing stomach ache, in combination with the feeling that she is pregnant.
I've just taken definite action in the name of The Calling to Create Positive change, which I mentioned in yesterday's post. I do have the dream that it will lead to my Eden, in combination with a fear that it wont..! I have decided to "get pregnant with this dream", in hope that THIS will be the right choice and lead to something Good. All choices do, of course, in one way or another - so why the fear? Fear of disappointment (not leading to what the ego wants) and failure (another "bad investment" - again, because of having an predefined image of what it should lead to). Fear of stepping into unknown territory, with the anxious feeling of "things will never be the same again". The empty feeling of "leaving something behind", and a strange feeling of "I miss when..." - although there isn't anything in particular I miss when I ask my head to answer that question...! How peculiar! 
Maybe that's why the card appeared reversed. Because I know deep down inside that there's nothing to fear. 
I wont get disappointed. I rarely do these days. When something turn out in ways not expected, I know there's a reason for it, and that I've gained/achieved somethings else than that which is "lost/not achieved. And I have no true desire to relive the past, and certainly not to let either fear or feelings belonging to the past (or events in the past) to dictate my present - but they are very much allowed to pop in and say hello, so I can heal them and offer them a proper goodbye!
I often get a nostalgic or lonely feeling when I embark on adventures by myself. Adventures of the kind that is not fully understood and/or "consciously and emotionally sanctioned" by near and dear.
"If I am being triggered to remember the past, I can enjoy the warm memories but must recognize they are ephemeral. Emotion can color my recall and distort my understanding of what is happening today. I acknowledge and heal old wounds."
"There is no need to return to the illusion of a golden era of yore because I can begin co-creating a better reality right now. Authentic healing and joyfulness will be mine if I stop rekindling the emotions of the past."