Six of Cups, Housewives Tarot


Theme: "domestic chores"

Cards: Six of Cups
"Nostalgia - Innocence - Old Flames"
"On hot summer days there's nothing like a glass of crisp, refreshing lemonade. The Six of Cups conjures up memories of days gone by, youthful expeditions and long-lost loves. The "coming home" card..."
"Pucker up and savor the sweet-and-sour taste of nostalgia.

There are of course different views on that. Here are two:

"REVERSED: Living in the past, forgiveness, lacking playfulness."
"...ask whether you're clinging to the past and losing touch with the present. Reflection and nostalgia may bring up positive or negative feelings, but either way, when you find yourself wishing for 'how things used to be' and not living in the present, you miss out on the opportunities right in front of you. It's OK to indulge a little in reminiscing about the past, as long as you understand that true and lasting change can only happen in the present moment. See the Six of Cups as an opportunity to make peace with the past so you can focus on the now. Learn from your mistakes, forgive others and yourself, and acknowledge that life is continually evolving. Let go of the past and bring your attention firmly into the present." (biddytarot)
Though, must say I prefer this particular one, as it's more positive, encouraging and how I like it to be ( ;) ):
"Reversed: maturity, growing up, leaving home, boredom, independence"
"It can also mean that you are leaving your childish behaviors behind and moving on to more mature ways to deal with your problems. If you have been considering making some of these changes in your life, the Six of Cups confirms that now is a great time to do so." (alittlesparkofjoy)
That is, that I'm in the midst of growing up and "moving on" - and not stuck in nostalgic 'Oh, how I loved/miss...' and in the past and past experiences/feelings. 

But as written about yesterday, I think it's a mix. A large amount of triggered old feelings and thoughts, coming from past beliefs and experiences (the so called 'childish/unconscious reactions') - but I'm becoming more and more skilled in non-attachment (the 'mature way' to deal with it), making peace with feelings, and things happened, said and done, and accept that everything in life is learning and growing opportunities. That 'life is continually evolving' - whether it's in the direction/way/pace the Ego wants or not it's always the right direction.
Better make peace with it (The Now) sooner than later :)

I feel it suiting to end with the same image as yesterday (referring to the 'domestic chores' theme of today).

Not to distract myself from "dark" thoughts and feelings, but because it has to be done :)
And it can be done meditatively while allowing and honouring heavy feelings and thoughts come and go, like waves on the ocean, remembering the stillness that always resides beneath them.