Six of Cups, Jungian Tarot


Compassion no matter what. For the greater whole - for the collective, long term.
If you want more love, compassion and openness in the world - put it there!

Theme: "you are what you do, not what you say you'll do" 

Card: Six of Cups - Sympathetic Attachment
"The group is of far greater importance than the individual"

And the next sentence, that resonates so much with me: [the individual] "who perceives purpose only in service"
But not in terms of caretaking - not at all...! (I found my compassion only after years of self-reflection) But from a larger "in service of the universe" sense. 
If what I do doesn't feel in alignment with my soul and what the "universe expects me to do", I feel empty - and lonely - no matter how large the "group"!
That's why the Tarot (and dreams, and astrology, and I Ching before that) were such lifesaving tools for me, back then in 2013-15! 

From anxiety to Harmony!

2014-2015 I documented and analysed approximately 3000 of dreams of mine! I dream FAR less now, but still get a lot of guidance through my dreams.
The last dream of tonight I had microscopical alien worms crawling out from the inside of my hands..! After having hold a bag of alien insects, only responsibly lending a hand to the group responsible for them - who also wanted to keep these alien things secret from the public eye. I wasn't THAT pleased, to say the least. Getting this foreign shit growing out my hands, for "just helping along".
Being open, "showing compassion no matter what" (C6), and taking responsibility for the whole - for the "alien and unknown in world" - can feel like "shitty work". Giving you things you certainly not asked or wished for - if you ask you ego/head, who rather "work for itself" and its own wants and needs. 

I just love dream language and it's symbolism, and how dreams leaves no stone unturned!

And this is, for me, so in alignment with the current Lion's Gate and the New Moon - which is in conjunction with my Leo North Node (Souls Mission), in my 11th house - the house of the collective/the group/global awareness :)