Six of Cups, Motherpeace Tarot


Last appearance by this deck was April 10th, then The Devil paid me a visit.

"Motherpeace Round Tarot emerges from a need for positive female images, including strong women of color. The deck comes out of five years of self-healing and esoteric study in a time when women's power had begun to blossom."

Theme: staying strong in your womanhood/femininity 

This at the time when Venus is about to start a new cycle (of 584 days), and changing from her evening gown to her morning dress - written about here.  A Venus rebirth coming up! 
Venus and femininity are sensitive topics for me - having a rather weak and hard pressed Venus in my natal horoscope.
This at a time when transit Chiron and Juno is in opposition, hoovering over my Vertex, Saturn, Jupiter and Asc.

I think about: How to love (someone) without loosing yourself? How to stay strong and committed to love - for yourself and others? How to manifest love and beauty? How to care-give instead of care-take? How to stay open and vulnerable, but not become weak? 

Now is the greatest opportunity to shed outgrown habits and attitudes regarding Love, resources and beauty, and grow new ones!

"It becomes easier to not lose yourself in a relationship when you keep in mind you're not actually the "half" of anything."

"You don't need a 'better half' because you are not half of a person. You are a whole person. A healthy relationship isn't made of two broken, incomplete halves becoming one. It's made of two wholes, both fully formed with their own plans and dreams and ideas, choosing to navigate the world together.

"Giving someone all your love, time, attention, and affection to an obsessive point isn't the same as a healthy, loving relationship. It's over-compensating for something, and the reason for it could be telling."

"Get used to the idea that having a separate life doesn't mean that you're drifting apart."

"If he or she walks when you do express yourself, better that than losing yourself to someone unwilling to hear you and meet you halfway." (bustle)

"...relationships have a much better chance of surviving - and thriving - when two whole people come together out of a desire to share their full, happy lives with one another. These are people who feel good about themselves, yet desire a partner to walk thorough this world with and experience life together. These are the relationships that succeed."

"As you focus on your own happiness you will be amazed at the transformation that starts to occur within you. You will feel comfortable in your own skin, and you won't approach your relationship from a place of need, but rather one of strength."

"Just a clarification [...] the security that comes from having your own life only works when your motives are true." (beliefnet)


Card: Six of Cups
"Orgasmic joy; peaking; past experiences come to fruit."