Six of Pentacles, Maker's Tarot


Thou should'st not project thy feelings of unmet needs on others!

How to gracefully withdraw from or act in an - what you perceive as - unbalanced relationship?!
That's the (million dollar) question!

Or what to do in general, if you have a predisposition that make you prone to get stuck on thinking that you give more than you receive!

From a spiritual perspective I think that it doesn't matter whether it's true or not.
As you universally speaking always get/have what you need :)

So, assuming a more Creative (deck theme) approach to it, is a good advise I guess!
Instead of just bathing in the uncomfortable (probably victim) feelings, and/or turning "your situation" around and around in your head, finding and then letting all "wrongs" trigger you, just let it be what it is - and get creative with it!
Think bigger - rise the vibration!
Before you consciously or unconsciously resort to any kind of "revenge" actions - and beware and stay alert, because they can be  very subtle... ("returning like for like" is a great example)

It's not about repressing or forgetting, but about choosing what to nurture.
Just don't nurture anything coming from a victim thinking or judgmental place within you!

The lovely story about Zen Master Hakuin repeating "Is that so?" that Eckarth Tolle often share comes to mind! :)

What is "being fairly treated"?
What is a "balanced giving and taking"?

For some reason I've always had a spontaneous and almost allergic reaction to the word "deserve".
You "deserve more". I "deserve" this and that.
All the "rights" one have.
While there's little talk about (personal) obligations in society!
(Yes, I have a prominent Saturn)

All that is (in my perception) certain, is that we get what we need.
For growth, for learning, for potential (evolutionary) expansion.

So whether I get what I think I deserve, wish, want or desire isn't really the point :)
What is, is.
Take it from there - and be creative in Making the best of it!

Maybe watch a couple of MacGyver episodes for inspiration? ;)

Deck: Maker's Tarot
Theme: "make something of/follow your creativity"
Card: 6 of Pent's (R) - Glassblowing
"what we can give to others, as well as what they give to us"

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