Six of Pent's + Ace of Pent's, Housewives + Art of Love


Themes: "domestic/spouse chores" + "The Art of Being Unconditional Love"

Housewives Tarot: Six of Pentacles
"Generosity * Luck * Sharing"
" about generosity in times of both prosperity and hardship. If you're enjoying the sweet taste of success, why not try sharing that sugary bounty with others? You never know whether Lady Luck will trick or treat you, so always offer up the best you can. If you where where the one going door-to-door, wouldn't you prefer a home-baked goodie to measly penny candy?"
Art of Love Tarot: Ace of Stars ('Ace of Pentacles') - Creation
"The Ace of Stars delights in a burst of raw, creative energy that is making its way to you. Stars illuminate success. They light the way so you can make clear choices. An original idea is forming and may already be calling you."
"You are ready for change. You have the experience and the skills to surge forward. Seize the opportunity this card is offering, step into your power and believe in your ability to create your dreams."