Six of Swords + Ace of Cups, Sherlock Holmes + Romantic


What was once a situation were you could learn a lot about yourself, and practice compassion, has now passed it's due date. It takes two to tango.
Change direction, and something new and fresh can be born - either in the old, or in some new context.
Sometimes the most loving thing to do is to say No, and change plans!

Themes: "deduction, multisensory analysis" + "along the roads of love and relationships"

Sherlock Holmes Tarot: Six of Swords (R)
"...has long been seen as the card of relationships, and especially the things we learn from sharing." But when there's just no true communication going on (reversed people talking)? No real trust or mutual respect?
Reversed - The Fog: "Taking the opportunity to jump ship."
"Change of plans or direction." Let go of old troubles. It's time to move on. In the name of love. Leave all thoughts of 'retribution' and such to God. It's not Your job to teach your brother. 
Romantic Tarot: Ace of Cups - Feelings
"Something is born and it will be grand."
No need to haste and 'find out' what - let it unfold!
(see yesterday's card about doors!)