Six of Wands + Eight of Cups, Xultun + I Am One


Theme: "The Mayans view the world differently" + "return to oneness"

"the importance of learning to view the universe as a dynamic fabric of ever-changing living energies, unfolding, expanding, and contracting, in a dance of conscious creativeness, where energies flow from invisible to visible live forms, evolving and regenerating every moment. The Maya Cosmo-vision awakens our awareness that our universe is a living conscious entity, a holistic unified continuum of creative spiritual powers manifesting as a vast ocean of amazing life expressions and unfolding realities."
"Mother Earth is currently facing intensive global system pressures, many caused by our own human erroneous cosmic view of the universe as a non-connected space/time field with unrelated bodies of matter, randomly existing in a pool of non-holistic relations. This dreadful and inaccurate view of the universe, as non-living space/time cosmos, has led mankind to abuse our planet's resources, eco-systems, and vital elements in such intense materialistic pursuit that Earth may transform its current natural living conditions and may not sustain human life in the near future. Unless humankind drastically changes its destructive lifestyle patterns for a conscious intelligent sustainable lifestyle, our species will face extinction on planet Earth at a faster rate that the planet's evolutionary process may have intended." (yucatanadventure)

The themes sort of make me think "maybe it's not all about me"...!
Maybe it's not about My immediate future.
It's probably bigger than that.
Re-establish inner peace and joy - not only for you, or for you two - but for all.

Xultun Tarot: 6 of Staffs ('Six of Wands')
"Lord of Victory"
"This is the card of good news and victory over a difficult situation."
I Am One Tarot: I Am Empty - 8 Pear of Tears ('Eight of Cups')
"tiredness; drainage; over extending oneself for others"


"When the Eight of Cups shows up in a Tarot reading, you may feel compelled to walk away from a disappointing situation. It could mean turning your back on an unfulfilling relationship, job, career path, living arrangement or creative project that was once a source of great happiness to you but now only brings you pain. You have invested yourself emotionally but, despite your best efforts, are disappointed; it hasn't turned out the way you had expected it to..." No shit Sherlock - again!! Not yet stable enough inside. Way WAy WAY better than I used to be - but still much work left before I Am empty enough not to get triggered in all sorts of ways (and end up feeling disappointed). Not stably comfortable enough in the Now - still have too many expectations of this and that.
"'s time for you to let it go and move on." How much I have to let go of I don't know - but expectations and disappointment for starters. 
"...can be a sign that you are trying to escape a problematic emotional situation or avoiding some major psychological issues and concerns." I know there are many psychological issues in work here, hard for me to fully grasp and understand the depth and magnitude of. Not knowing more about these mechanisms is one trigger to my dissatisfaction, and something I have a hard time "letting go" of.
"The Eight of Cups invites you to ask yourself what brings you joy, contentment and fulfilment on a deeper level. Without it, you might pursue goals that fail to give you the satisfaction you're seeking. For example, you may think being in a long-term relationship is what you want, but when you manifest it, you realise that it's not just the long-term relationship you want but a deep soul connection with someone. If that's not there, then the relationship will not fulfil your needs no matter how long you stay together. So, if you find yourself repeatedly in these Eight of Cups situations where you have no choice but to walk away, spend time exploring what will bring you true happiness and realign your goals with your values." (biddy
I don't get this card that much. But there's is certainly a point to it. Especially in the "back to the source/Oneness" view. Firstly a stable connection with my own soul - then connection with another's.