Six of Wands, Javanne Tarot


Theme: "to paint a dream", "that which comes to you effortlessly", "free yourself from the brain", choice-less awareness

A lovely squared deck - early added to my collection. Not the most beautiful one, but it's a ingenious one! It always give me clarifying explanations and advice.

Card: Six of Wands, position 3
"A graceful horse stands with the fresh, clear blue sky behind it and surrounded by wands which have been stuck into the earth - life rooting itself."
"The two horses, the two triangles, the star and the snake represents the two forces in us - nature's instincts and the spiritual world. In other words, the heavenly and the earthly world. 6 of Wands is about finding a balance between pride and humility in connection with both worlds."
3rd position: "You are tempted to doubt. This position is about the pain connected to admitting the faults you have committed because you were not able to figure your life out." Yes, things "fail" and pains are triggered that I can't seem to "figure out why" for the time being. I'm certainly not able to "figure my life out"! My life is pretty much still a big question-mark for me.
"This knowledge can nibble at you leaving you in doubt. You can doubt yourself, others, your life, your spiritual abilities, the future, maybe even your worth and your status." See yesterday's first sentence!
"Your natural pride or self-image has probably been chafed and this pains you. But 6 of Wands shows you that a new self-acknowledgement will grow out of the humility you now experience. This will make you more whole."