Six of Wands + Six of Swords, Tree + Alchemy England 1977


Themes: "slow steady organic growth" + "dark forces pulling"

Yesterday 2 eights, today 2 sixes. 

Tarot of Trees: Six of Wands
"...a card about victory and triumph, especially in a material sense. This card indicates that you have achieved success or come out on top. While the Five of Wands demonstrates the conflict one can have in furthering one's plans, the Six shows that one can overcome all obstacles and achieve the triumph and acclaim one deserves. This card can involve formal recognition or acknowledgements for you hard work."
Alchemy England 1977: Six of Swords
"Travel, voyage, route, attempt through difficulties"
Reversed: "desperate situation"


So, I'm trying to figure out what my next step(s) should be. Find the "most efficient way" in furthering my plans, and come out on top
There's certainly a lot going on now, and a lot of slow, steady, organic growth - a deck nicely following the Spiral Tarot yesterday.
There's certainly the potential of achieving success and triumph - if I can remain calm and patient and let things unfold in an organic - non-forced - way.
Easier said than done. 
I feel the urge to push some things through, NOW, and leave other things behind. In other words, I feel the craving (Alchemy/shadow-force) to quickly (desperately) row some things ashore - the classic image of the Six of Swords.

In so many fibres of my body I feel the harmonious growth, a deep trust in the universe and that everything just unfolds so magically all around me - but then there are some fibres still thinking that some things just have to be pushed and rushed. Because of this, and because of that.
I've made some moves on behalf of the latter - I've thrown out some hooks and seeds - now I will lean back and see which hooks fish bite and which seeds grow. And hopefully I will feel which fish to catch and which to release, and which plants to water and which to clear away.

Let spirit/creativity (wands) lead the way forward, and not thoughts (swords).
Feel the slow somewhat hidden growth, and don't begin to paddle in search for, or desperately push for, physical results/growth. 
Let things be somewhat messy, chaotic, unresolved, problematic, and uncomfortable - and unfold, get cleared and comfortable in it's own and right time.