Six of Wands + The Tower, Eden + Glastonbury


Themes: "before the fall" + "take a look in the mirror"

An interesting tricky combination, and then there's the "unorthodox" interpretation of W6 in the Eden Tarot.

The Tarot of Eden: Six of Wands
"...announces difficult times in your place of work" A bit from the common keyword Victory for this card..!
"There may also be trouble in your everyday life. If you are self-employed check your management" Maybe this is the day I should sit down with the business tax declaration?! 
Glastonbury Tarot: The Tower
I already know my economic situation is untenable, so it's not like that's gonna chock me!
"The Tower is the great awakener. It tears away the veils which, until now, have prevented clear sight. This can be painful, because sometimes it is easier to hold on to illusions than to face a difficult truth. The Tower indicates a time of transformation at a very deep level, often brought about through external circumstances, in order to create the space in your life for a new form of energy and experience." But, as alluded to, I am going through "challenging times". Truly facing myself. Truly throwing out judgement through the window - all though it's "called for", by rational measurements. I'm "accepting highly questionable behaviour and treatment". I'm deciding to hold on just a little bit longer to the relationship "against any rational reasoning" - because I'm following intuitive logic (and my cards). And a great portion of Hope I guess..! The Star being one of my birth cards :) How? I decided to (and maybe finally taking a great step in it)... 
"...let go, to allow things to take their course, to resist the urge to fight or deny the experience. The right action is to wait for the storm to blow over - and it will. You may feel that you have been washed up on a foreign shore with no map, but this is actually a time when you can experience yourself as a strong, empowered being, programmed for survival." I can judge all I want. It ain't gonna help. I can "put up a fight", I can "demand what's mine/right/reasonable", I can "declare some boundaries".
To what end?
To be right?
To "get what I want"?
But what do I want?
Happiness. And I'm not happy when I'm acting out in anger. I'm so fed up with judging people, and feeling others "not living by/up to my standards". 
I'm fed up with feeling angry, tired of judging, I much rather understand. 
"The gifts of the Tower, though they may seem harsh, open the way to a powerful, true sense of self."
I much rather spread more joy, understanding and love into the world, than add to all the anger and fear already filling up too much space.

Maybe both the "traditional meaning" of the Six of Wands and the one given in The Eden Tarot is right?
It FEELS like difficult times in my place of work, but is in fact a matter of (official) Victory. Once again Love have won, that is, I'm learning more and more about what Unconditional Love is. What "living in Eden" is all about.
Is it easy? No.
But yet so simple.