Six of Wands + Three of Swords, Wizards + Mystical Cats


Themes: "Mandrake Academy - The School of Magic and Wizardry" + "Mystical/Spiritual Integrity"

Wizards Tarot: Six of Wands (R)
"A card of leadership and bravery" Energy somewhat blocked?
"A young woman stands on stage and talks to a crowd of fellow students. She's learning how to think on her feet."
"public visibility"
"The window, however, makes her vulnerable to attacks from all sides"
"Public speaking can be a challenge, eve for the bravest souls, but great risks can lead to even greater reward."
I associate with my Facebook postings, in the public eye. I'm making very open and I guess brave, to some extent, comments, announcements and reflections. Helping some - bothering some. Risking to "loose" the ones I bother - but I never "had" them anyway! I probably (hopefully) inspire the awakening and reflective persons reading my posts, with my openness, bravery, empathy and humour. The very same things that bother the insecure, self-loathing, self-important and many types of fearful people.
"...every right comes with responsibility" As the next deck shows, it's all a matter of speaking with integrity, from the heart's/soul's core. Out of true non-judgemental love. You of course DO have the right to hurt, offend and be critical, out of anger or spite, but that comes with consequences. Which loving words also do. As mentioned, you risk scaring people away with "the truth", but the runners aren't keepers anyway. Neither are the mischiefs. (se next card) If they don't want to listen or reflect, universe will give them a beating - no need for me to do it..!
"...dressed in red, the elemental color of fire. It indicates that she's energetic and enthused, and that she's practicing fire magic." And it still feels a bit uncomfortable to me to dress up in this Magician's robe - (R)
Mystical Cats Tarot: Three of Sky ('Three of Swords') (R)
"If we chose to do so, cats can move gracefully among even the most fragile objects. These troublemaking Sky Cats choose to see how much they can wreck for their own amusement." I know one of these cats...
"The destruction these cats leave in their wake is hilarious them as they delight in their own careless mischief."
"It's far better to be on your own that to associate with those who enjoy making trouble and stirring up discord." A rather suiting card this April 1st..!
"Things are about to come crashing down on those who make mischief and cause problems."
"...let fate run its course. There is no need to exact further judgement - it's already coming."