Solitude, Radiant Wisdom Tarot


Theme: (how to - from a greater perspective - access and) radiate wisdom


Yes, dear narrow-minded Ego, you CAN radiate wisdom and source energy (unconditional love) in solitude! Source energy (high frequency waves) permeates everything - like any other communication waves it can be transmitted and received over great distances! Maybe an infinite distance - who knows?!
It's not about WHAT you do or say, but how and why!
The Ego typically say or do good only when It feels good, and that with (conscious, or unconscious/manipulative) strings attached. "Good deeds" in "good girl clothes" - disguised "see me", "thank me", "pat me"! Hidden expectations of "if I do this, X will more likely do that for me". It's "The See Me Game" - the Ego's thirst for attention, not the Soul's calling for radiating wisdom, with the intention of awakening consciousness, healing, creating harmony and spreading love.

It is perfectly possible to radiate wisdom and promote awakening in solitude, and in silence!

Or, a more hands-on way to see it: I intensively cultivate my connection with my/the source/soul/essence in solitude, with the intention to become strong enough to radiate it in company (too).

I have always said "the person who knows me best is Me, and the person who actually comforts me best is Me" - without really realising the depth of what I said!


CARD: Solitude ('The Hermit')
"Solitude returns us to the resources that are ours under all circumstances, our own being and our access to Spirit. It reminds us that we truly are capable of gracefully meeting whatever life brings to us."
Accept what is. In the present moment. You do not have to like the circumstances - just accept what is.
"Solitude supports a good relationship within ourselves, allowing us to experience and expand access to our full depth of wisdom. Accessing this internal depth help us live wisely, lovingly, and kindly."
This card "tells us that self-reliance is what's available right now; connections with others will not provide what's being sought."
"It's time for you to be alone with you. It's you whose wise counsel you seek and it's you whose comfort and love you need."

"There is no greater gift you can give the world than your own self-healing." (deepakchopra)

Not the most coherent post so far maybe, but these are the words that wanted to come out today! (what does it matter - words are merely stepping stones and pointers ;) )
There are currently many threads and insights that surface my conscious, waiting for the right time, place and circumstance to connect with each other!

Exiting times now!
just like all the times when I manage to be present in The Now :]