Storm Warning, Energy Oracle Cards


Theme: Everything is Energy (we have the power to transform our lives through our intention and energy)

Wow - isn't this a dooming card to receive on a Friday morning?!

And I couldn't help but think, "what have I just gone through if a storm is COMING...??"
"I'm just really not up for more of stormy weather now..."

Crestfallen, I went on reading the reversed interpretation, and was a bit relieved :)

Card: 10. Storm Coming
"This card reversed indicates that the dark times are behind you - or at least beginning to fall away. You can take the heart that sunny skies and better times are on the horizon. This new light may bring a time of reassessment and redirection for you. Let yourself consider where you want to go next. Also spend some time reflecting on the difficulty that has passed. What was the lesson for you? Whether it's about self-love or empowerment, remember to bring these intentions (and the lessons learned) into your bright new path."
Affirmation: "I have the power to overcome any obstacle. No matter what is going on, I can be strong, confident, and self-directed."

I can assure concerned readers that I WILL reflect on the passing difficulty, and it's more or less hidden lessons - if you didn't already know this about me ;)
And regarding the word "self-directed" in the affirmation, it nicely followed the word "self-supportive" received in another card shortly before!
I certainly have a tendency to be "other-directed" (trying to be "other-supportive") - I even think that is the greatest cause to the storm passing.
Although I KNOW that the best way to be other-supportive is to be truly self-supportive. When I'm in my strongest and best - I am also the best supporter. Not when I'm trying to build my strength through others, or through giving myself away to others. But I surely would like to build up my strength WITH others...

It's a fine line. Association: Linestrider's Tarot the day before yesterday - The World. "The (whole) World is yours and available to you, but you have to make wise choices" (the card mentioning the word "self-supportive" talked about choices). Just as "everything is energy" and our reality is formed by our intentions.
Wow, this is powerful.

Obstacles can truly be overcome through redirecting focus and refining intention. With redirection being something completely different from distracting yourself. I've been a master of distraction through my life - something that only represses the issue/pain, makes it grow in the hidden, and popping up later and greater (as it has done for me now!)
I'm quite the newbie in redirection, something I think is one cause for the "storms" remaining so long inside me. I refuse to down the distraction road, but am still unskilled in redirection. I manage for "smaller" things (the occasional ordinary rain and bad weather), but when storms come (deep old pains get triggered) I get dizzy and overwhelmed. Then it's almost impossible for me to redirect. I just see dark clouds in all directions. Everything triggers pain. And I have no true safe-lines (passions). All I can do is wait. And it's a truly painful wait. 
Thankfully I've built up quite the trust in the Universe, and every now and then a Great Gratitude slips through even in the cloudiest moments. That's nice :) 
And every time I make wise (self-supportive and self-directed) choices (creating authentic power) I heal yet another part of myself. That's the main lesson for the storms passing these past months - learning to redirect and make self-supportive/directed choices while feeling overwhelming pain and chaos inside - AND STILL SEND OUT (as much) LOVE (possible).
And, to not take things personally.
Everything happening isn't about me per se, it's about taking the opportunities I'm given to heal and grow (if not now I will have to do it later - and why postpone?) <3